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How long is a typical workshop?
It’s best to budget for a 3 hour workshop. This amount of time gives everyone the chance to relax into the exercises and to try everything out, as well as gain the absolute maximum benefit. I can also facilitate longer workshops from half and full day workshops or even a workshop experience that is a little like joining a drama club, or a class and travels across 4 or 8 weeks for 2 hours per week for those of you who want to approach this like learning a new skill and really want everyone to cement and integrate each potential learning opportunity, whilst having fun!
Will I have to speak up if I don't want to?
Lord no! A lot of the exercises involve working individually to increase your self awareness as well as sharing in pairs and in a wider group. Whilst I will be leading you through fun games and exercises that means everyone has to get involved, there is a good balance between working in this way and working individually and even sharing ideas anonymously to help activate discussion and generate more ideas. I have a therapeutic background also which means creating a space for people to flourish starts with knowing we won’t be judged or criticised or shamed in any way. I take those boundaries very seriously.
A member of my team suffers from anxiety. Can they participate?
Yes, absolutely. I can work with that, 100 per cent. This is not a workshop where only the loudest or most socially confident gets a seat at the table. If anyone is suffering from any kind of a reaction that is setting off their nervous system, they have full permission to sit back, or lie back even and observe. There are a million ways to contribute so that every single person has the opportunity to feel included. We do not have to show up in exactly the same way in order to learn.
Will I be embarrassed?
No. You may have nervous anticipation, that is completely normal and to be expected. Everyone will be encouraged or coaxed into going to the edge of their comfort zones (but no further). My job is to make sure that everyone feels comfortable. We can’t enter into an optimal learning state if we are worried someone or something will embarrass us, so I use every tool imaginable to make sure everybody feel at home and comfortable being themselves. And as an aside please note that I love introverts, shy or sensitive people, as well as the more loud and extroverted amongst us. However your team identifies themselves, there will be room for absolutely everybody to shine.
What kind of space should we book for the workshop?

It’s important there’s enough physical space for everyone to spread out and move comfortably. Workshops have also been known to get a little noisy, so you’ll need a space which doesn’t interrupt anybody else’s work. I am happy to help find a space for you if your own office environment is not appropriate! Just ask!

Will I need to be creative, or an extrovert?

No. Absolutely not. I’ll be using exercises and games that will draw out your sense of curiosity, deeper listening skills and a capacity to reflect upon what you need and how you show up in the office to support both yourself and your colleagues. And yes, you may find that you laugh and have fun as you do. You may also experience unexpected but delicious epiphanies or ideas that make you feel more creative and full of mojo and inspiration. But you do not need to change who you are in order to benefit from the workshop. You can be tired, in a bad mood, cynical, or even a little jaded. So long as you commit to the process, it will wake you up to that side of you that is able to get maximum benefit out of these workshops. I’m also an introvert and hsp myself – so I understand how to make it feel more relaxing to share. And a healthy, fun group dynamic is often a good mix of people and personality types.

How many participants can attend?
For this kind of work, no more than 15 people. This is because I want to be able to observe what everyone is doing and where they may need greater input or direction. I don’t want anyone to be lost in a larger group. If you have more people who want to attend, then you would need to book another session for them. I can also work effectively with a very tiny group – this work is adaptable, so long as I have a rough idea of numbers in advance.

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