Speed Connection Events

Getting to Know Each Other

When we get below the surface of appearances, each one of us is a Universe in and of itself, waiting to be discovered. I help teams discover more about each other. 

More than any normal, stilted, polite, random (or drunken) conversation held at the office Christmas lunch can ever hope to achieve.

Through games and exercises, we discover deep talk, instead of small talk, so your people can better understand, value and enjoy each other’s unique talents, qualities and abilities.

What Is A Speed Connection Event?

A fun, speedy way to break down barriers and deepen connection.

Laying the foundation for more harmonious teamwork and purpose driven engagement in the workplace

Memorable and good fun!

Not everybody is motivated by the same things –
although nearly everybody wants to feel that they are valued, respected and well understood.

(This means you need to get curious … even when you’re not naturally.)

This means you need to encourage more openness so that people feel comfortable revealing their values, passions, strengths and challenges.

In order to do all that, your people need to feel safe and that you won’t use their stories or experiences against them.

Investing in connecting, building rapport and seeing the real human beyond the job, really is of value.


Your team will learn the power of asking good questions as they are led through a series of fun games and exercises.

They will learn these key principles for helping to foster collaboration, trust, safety and belonging.

They will learn through direct experience – by taking part, not reading a book, or watching a Ted Talk.

We will practice empathy (how might we be similar, how we can understand each other better).

We will practice deep listening (I hear you, I’m listening, I take your needs, desires and concerns seriously, I let you in.)

When we can practice care, inquiry, empathy and focused presence (ie actually listening) these are the foundations from which a culture of trust and belonging can be created. This is how we can build speedy, easeful and vibrant teamwork.

Is a Speed Connection Event Right For Me?

Every individual and every team can benefit from joining a Speed Connection Event. Get in touch to find out more.

How many people is it for?

Our Speed Connection Events are best for between 4 and 15 people

How long are they?

They can be as long or as short as you like, but we generally plan for 60 to 90 minutes

How can I get more information?

Contact Leila now to find out if a Speed Connnection Event is right for you and your team


Single Speed Connection Event

Up to 15 individuals


Series of 3x Speed Connection Events

3x Speed Connection Events in a 3-month period, each up to 15 individuals.


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