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If you’re already a subscriber to my email list, then you’ll be aware of the amazing power of asking ourselves beautiful questions to help the brain find solutions and clarity.


There’s so much power in asking simple beautiful questions.


Lately, I’ve been thinking about these seven questions, which I often ask leaders to reflect on:


  • What am I demonstrating?

  • What am I encouraging?

  • What am I reinforcing?

  • What am I pretending doesn’t matter, but I know deep down it counts?


I also adore and use these 3 simple questions and perspectives below in my own life.


They are useful because most of us operate on automatic pilot and these questionsl help us find simple, practical solutions as well as help us to drop down into a deeper level of self awareness about what we really need next.


  • How do I feel right now? (Happy, mad, tired, sad, depleted, numb?)

  • What do I need to manage or improve how I feel right now? (A walk, a talk, acceptance, more support, to delegate, to create clearer boundaries, self-compassion, a glass of water)

  • Then take action (inwardly or outwardly) on meeting those deeper needs.




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