Dance Parties

Uplift Your Team

It is infinitely better to do work with a relaxed and alert, joyful body, than a tired, frustrated, or tense one! 

Tension tends to produce more tension. This happens when we get huddled over our computers or are mentally contracted around solving problems or completing difficult or mundane tasks.

We all need to find ways to regulate our nervous system so that our frustrations, worries and even clashes at work have a chance to melt away or be put to the side for
at least 30 minutes to an hour.

Dance parties, in person or online, can help open the mind to new insights and solutions to challenges you are facing. That’s how powerful working with the body in a light and playful way can be.

When we dance, we are much better able to reconnect with a better version of ourselves; a version which is more positively focused.

When we have a generous boost to our endorphins and serotonin levels we are better able to direct ourselves to working cooperatively together, to finding win-win solutions, to meeting our conflicts and challenges head on.

If someone is in a permanent state of grumpiness, anger or depression...

… then the way in which they tackle their workload will differ. The way in which they communicate with others will suffer too. 

If your team routinely deals with challenging projects or difficult customers ...

…then they will be carrying stress and frustration. Give them a safe space to let off steam and reconnect with themselves and each other in a way that uplifts the whole team. 

Lack of immediate rewards from long projects or customer facing roles...

… can leader to frustration or apathy. Our brains are wired for pleasure and, sadly, for anxiety to. Weave more rewards into your team’s working day, so as to lower stress levels and keep your team feeling positive, resilient and connected to one another. Gift them a Dance Party to look forward to!

Be the boss who prioritises morale and connection 

A dance party is a fantastically simple and uplifting way to bring your team together whilst creating positive (and sometimes hilarious!) memories for your team to bond over. 

Regular opportunities to regulate the nervous system through play and dance lowers stress levels, increases endorphins and enables people to feel that work is a positive, life enhancing place to be.

How many people is it for?

Our Dance Parties are best for between 4 and 15 people

How long are they?

They can be as long or as short as you like, but we generally plan for 30 to 60 minutes

How can I get more information?

Contact Leila now to find out if a Dance Party is right for you and your team


Single Dance Party

Up to 15 individuals for up to 60 minutes


Series of 3x Speed Connection Events

3x Dance Parties in a 3-month period, each up to 15 individuals.


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