Leila Lloyd-Evelyn

Founder | Teams That Flourish

Group Facilitator

Performance Artist

Emerging Playwright

Kitchen Dancer

Hi, I’m Leila (pronounced Layla!) and I’m at the helm of Teams That Flourish. I’m on a mission to help people understand each other better and build vibrant and harmonious teams.

My Story

After numerous years of watching teams struggle from various vantage points, I am here to help teams that feel disjointed or disconnected rediscover each other in a more meaningful way with fun, engaging events and workshops which help your people experience more belonging, trust, engagement and connection.

I’ve grappled with the acting industry, run a children’s charity, worked in the educational sector and settled into the world of the office on reception and as a building manager in my late 30s.

I’ve been able to see that the challenges that exist within organisations are similar to most anywhere else. Which is people either not understanding each other, or not knowing how best to meet to make improvements to a difficult or uncomfortable situation.

My fascination with how people thrive (and why we often don’t) has been the invisible thread that has travelled across my life – through my education, work and my personal experiences as well.

My Training and Education


I have a Degree in English Drama from QMW, University of Surrey (2:1) and a Post Graduate Diploma from the Drama Studio London.


I understook a year’s training in Dance Movement Therapy at Roehampton Institute, University of Surrey (in the Fundamentals of Dance Movement Therapy). 

Salon Collective

I have been training on an ongoing basis as an actress with the Salon Collective since 2020 as well as Movement Director, Gabrielle Moletta.

My early experiences led me to form a deep desire and purpose in life; to understand how it is we form meaningful and fulfilling relationships and what gets in the way of us forming them.

Like many families and communities, the culture I was brought up in was one in which nobody talked about the things that actually troubled them.

Instead, good or bad, people just did what they did… mostly running on exhaustion or automatic pilot.

My Approach

I now believe it is essential to create safe spaces where we can…

  • Unpack our thoughts
  • Notice our patterns
  • Reorientate ourselves towards actions and values which serve both ourselves and those around us. 

Even in the office – how we relate to each other matters. 

Do we listen? Do we take each other in? How do people feel at the end of the day – respected, inspired, valued? Or something else? 

Both my therapeutic and creative trainings have shown me, time and time again, that empathy is a skill that can be learned. 

But empathy is not a quality that everybody has at their beck and call. And being empathic is not all about warm, mushy, thoughts or feelings. 

As someone who adores deep conversations with complete strangers as well as old friends, I can assure you that this is a learnable skill.

Empathy is fuelled by a willingness to take on board someone else’s reality

I want work to be a place where people are excited to be there, where they feel seen and valued, where there is a sense of building something remarkable together. 

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