Hi! I’m Leila

Founder of Teams That Flourish

Building joyful, harmonious, vibrant teams

Is your team motivated?

Is your team demotivated, frustrated, backbiting, or showing signs of apathy or burn out?

Is your team connected?

Is your team struggling to build rapport, trust and connection with each other?

If your team members are struggling to build rapport, trust and connection with each other or are feeling demotivated, frustrated, backbiting, or showing signs of apathy or burn out, then you’re not alone.

Here’s some facts:

Highly engaged teams sell 20% more than teams with low engagement. (PeopleMetrics)

Mindfulness makes employees happier, which then makes them 12% more productive. (Zapier)

Burned out workers are 2.6 times more likely to look for another job. (Gallup)

Burned out employees are 63% more likely to take a sick day. (Gallup)

Dance Parties

A great way to inject a regular weekly or monthly dose of stress busting fun into your people’s working life.

Speed Connection Events

Help your teams feel included, valued, inspired and better understood.

Thriving Teams Workshop

Integrate new ways to communicate and listen from a place of genuine care, compassion and delight.

Let’s work together to fix things

I can support your teams and managers to weave the qualities of TRUST, SAFETY and CONNECTION into the culture of your organisation.


Now is the time to invest in your people in a way that’s proven to work!

Boost company profit

When your team is happy, your customers are happy. When your customers are happy, they want to return to you again and again.

Increase employee engagement

Build speedy, easeful and vibrant teamwork so that everybody is more engaged and loves coming to work.

Reduce absenteeism

Happy employees love going to work! Numerous studies have proved the link between employee happiness and absenteeism.

Provide a better service to your clients and customers

Everybody wins. There’s really no reason not to find out how Teams That Flourish can help you, your employees, and ultimately, your business.

About Me

I’ve grappled with the acting industry, run a children’s charity, worked in the educational sector and settled into the world of the office in my late 30s.

I’ve been able to observe that the challenges faced by organisations are similar to most anywhere else: People either not understanding each other, or not knowing how best to meet to make improvements to a difficult or uncomfortable situation.

My fascination with how people thrive (and why we often don’t) has been the  thread that has travelled with me through my life – through my education, work and my personal experiences.


“I enjoyed it….I felt challenged enough to go into my “stretch zone” and comfortable enough to share with the group. I particularly like the way the process got “integrated” in me.”

“I went there feeling a certain way and came out feeling much more centered, with my emotions and body flowing and in love with the people who attended it.”

“I left feeling more connected with everybody and happy… Leila brings range and variety and passion to the table when she facilitates. I felt free to explore and that’s very important to me.”



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What is a conscious, responsible business to do about a tidal wave of dissatisfaction?

Change can happen quickly when a specific and culture-changing skill is refreshed and re-emphasised: that skill? Empathy.

I know ‘empathy skills’ sounds like hard work; that why it’s delivered through fun and games.

Google’s quest to build the perfect team uncovered that the #1 indicator of a high-performing, innovative team is the psychological safety and trust that develop largely through social connections.

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